A riveting family history…


The story of RASK Travel is as fascinating as our fabulous holiday destinations.


Rasmus Christian Rask was born on the island of Funen, Denmark in 1787. A professor of literary history, he was sent on a worldwide expedition by the Danish King to explore the languages of East. During his journey he rapidly acquired new language skills – including mastering Persian in just six weeks. He went on to become one of the country’s most famous scholars and one of the world’s most renowned philologists.



Headed by travel and tourism aficionado Jonas Rask Eilersen, RASK takes its name from the Danish sociologist’s ancestor. With ten years of travel and management experience under his belt, Jonas has advised hotels, resorts, airports and governments.


Rasmus Rask explored the world – RASK Travel’s aim is to help our clients do the same. Our trips reflect the joy we take in our work, and our results are apparent in our glittering feedback.

Our services

Providing the best in luxury travel services, RASK’s select clientele enjoy around the clock personal service, value-for-money, free upgrades and honest advice right from the start.

Our areas of expertise include:

Named by Monocle Magazine as “one of the world’s most charming businesses,” RASK Travel is a seasoned regular hosted buyer at the world’s most significant luxury travel events – Pure, LE Miami and ILTM.

A truly international company, RASK Travel was founded in Scandinavia in 2009 and today has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, while members of the team operate from London, Copenhagen and Torino.


Wherever in the world you live, and wherever you want to travel, one of RASK’s travel experts and passionate travellers will be happy to help.


RASK Travel is among the founding members of , the world’s leading Luxury Travel community, a unique network boasting hotel partners such as and many more…

Traveller Made Travel Designers are dedicated to providing unique and exclusive bespoke journeys to travellers looking for original experiences, requiring skilled and knowledgeable advisors who are committed to fully servicing their clients.

In March 2016, RASK Travel’s CEO Jonas Rask has been awarded by Traveller Made hotel partners.

RASK is one of s select group of buyers, an inspirational collective of experts hand-picked to attend a yearly Ministry of Ideas. Bringing together leaders of the contemporary travel evolution and connecting visionary brands, LE Miami truly understand the demands of modern creative travel.

In 2015, RASK’s own Jonas proudly sat on the highly exclusive LE Miami  as the only European travel designer, and alongside the elite of global, experiential travel.

RASK Travel is also a proud member of  – the world’s defining experiential travel marketplace. More than just a travel trade show, PURE honours the passion of the world’s most inspiring creators of life enriching experiences.



Jonas Rask Eilersen – Founding Director

Our team is headed by Danish-born Jonas Rask Eilersen. With 15 years of travel and management experience, Jonas has advised hotels, resorts, airports and governments. A knowledgeable Sociologist, he obtained a BA in the subject in Sydney, and an M.Sc in Berlin.  Jonas also has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and ESSEC, Paris. From sunny days in Oman, to trendy nights in Buenos Aires, early mornings on an Israeli Kibbutz and starry nights in the Libyan desert town of Ghadames, the evidence of his passion for travel is clear from the stamps in his passport. En route, he has amassed a wealth of specialist knowledge on both popular and far flung destinations like Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Cape Verde – knowledge which he is keen to share both with clients and as the go-to Global Correspondent on travel webzines such as Man About World. Jonas also sits on the highly coveted LE Miami Leadership Lab.

Miriam Braun – Associate Director 

Having lived in London, Toronto and Israel, and travelled around the world, Miriam has the inside knowledge on both the latest hotspots and the classic must-sees. Like the rest of our team she lives and breathes travel, and her credentials demonstrate her passion for travel – she has a B.Sc. from the Hebrew University in Hotel, Food and Tourism management. She is a native English speaker and speaks fluent Hebrew. Memorable travel experiences include a helicopter ride over the magnificent Okavango Delta in Botswana. Her favourite city is Cape Town, where she can be found sipping cocktails at the wonderfully wacky Bombay Bicycle Club.

Travel Wishlist: Rwanda & Cuba

Adam Eisen – Content Manager

Having lived in London, Leeds, Melbourne, Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv, and having visited in excess of 50 countries, Adam is no stranger to the world of travel. He has a degree in Economics and Spanish from the University of Leeds and can speak three languages (and hopes to make this four soon). His favourite destinations include Colombia, Japan and Portugal, but he retains a soft-spot for the metropolises of New York and São Paulo. This year he will visit the Czech Republic, Georgia and Kenya.

Travel Wishlist: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar





Syed Maher  – Travel Consultant 

Syed is based in Bangalore, where he has worked in the travel industry for the past eight years. His previous work experience covers some of the largest multinational companies such as IBM, SAP and Infosys. He has an MBA from the International School of Business & Media and speaks both English and Arabic.

He loves the tranquil hilltop town of Munnar in Kerala, India for a perfect vacation.

Travel Wishlist: Switzerland

Victoria Capeta – Travel Consultant

Victoria was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. Her love for travel and different cultures led her to take a leap of faith and settle in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is fluent in both Spanish and English, and speaks some Hebrew too.

She is a professionally trained translator, but a traveller at heart and passionate about art, languages and architecture. Her approach to travelling is to try to find the hidden gems in her destinations.

Travel Wishlist: Tokyo, Kyoto, Florence and Venice.

Naor Kanfi – Financial Administrator

Naor is RASK Travel’s Financial Administrator. He is in charge of the company finances, dealing with the banks and liaising with accountants, customers and suppliers on daily basis. He has a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc in Hotel, Food and Tourism Management. Naor is fluent in Hebrew (native), French and English. He is an avid travel enthusiast and is a certified tour guide

Travel Wishlist: Australia, Hawaii and Cuba.