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Discover Nicaragua

One of the many undiscovered gems of Central America, Nicaragua is rich and diverse in both culture and geography. Blessed with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea  Nicaragua is every beach lover’s dream. However, the country truly stands out with its stunning inland nature, such as the Lake Nicaragua and its volcanic islands. Howler monkeys, relaxed hospitality and exotic wildlife dominate this authentic country.

DAY 1 – 6 Morgan’s Rock

Arrive to Managua International Airport, where you will be greeted and transferred to your hotel, the Morgan’s Rock Eco-Lodge.

Nestled within the expanse of the Nicaraguan jungle, nearly half of Morgan’s Rock is designated as a private protected reserve. Morgan’s Rock’s tranquility works to truly remove you from the hustle and stress of your everyday life. The Eco-Lodge was carefully designed to minimize impact of the surrounding area creating a unique architectural blend of tropical comfort.

Take a stroll across the lodge’s own suspension bridge, taking in the stunning views of the private beach sanctuary highlighted by watercolor sunsets every late afternoon.


With rooms with private plunge pools, enclosed with trees and unspoiled views of the Pacific Ocean there is no greater feeling of immersion in nature.

What makes Morgan’s Rock, and indeed Nicaragua, so special are the authentic agro-tourism adventures to be had. For the ultimate ‘farm-to-table’ experience wake up early one morning and join the Morgan’s Rock staff at the farm to milk cows, gather eggs and visit the animals. Make fresh, Nicaraguan corn tortillas and you’ll even have the opportunity to prepare a hearty traditional breakfast at the farm house.

Other authentic on-site experiences available at this eco-lodge to try are surfing, sport fishing, yoga, horseback riding, estuary kayaking and shrimp farming.

Day 7 – Ometepe Island

Wake up early for a day trip to Ometepe Island, located on Lake Nicaragua. Ometepe Island was formed from two volcanoes – one of which is still classified as active. Reaching a height of 1610 metres, Ometepe is the world’s highest lake island. Life on Ometepe is centred around the existence of the rich volcanic soil and the volcanoes play an important role in the mythology and spirituality of the island.

A tour guide will take you to the island by boat and guide you around the island, taking in all the breathtaking views and scenery. Should you wish, a small optional hike is available to enjoy on the island. The tour includes visits to the pre-Columbian museum, the Green Puddles Lagoon, Concepcion Volcano

After a boat takes you back to the shore, you will be transferred to the luxury Tribal Boutique Hotel in Granada where you will stay for the 3 nights.

Day 8 – 10 – Granada

The beautiful colonial city of Granada is beloved by all that are fortunate enough to disover its charm, culture, historic sites and excellent restaurants. With gorgeous Moorish and Andalusian influences in its architecture, Granada really stands out as one of the best colonial cities in the region. Historically a commercial centre for gold, timber and silver trading, it now benefits from its proximity to organic coffee and cacao plantations in its surrounding areas.

With 7 beautifully designed rooms, all with private terraces, the boutique Tribal Hotel is the perfect base to explore Granada and its surrounding region. Enjoy breakfast on your private terrace, which are transformed into candle-lit lounges after sunset.



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