Rask Honeymoons


a journey through the island nation meant for lovers


Sipping red wine as you gaze into each other’s eyes and over the glittering expanse of nighttime Tokyo, private onsen hot baths overlooking the Japanese Alps, enjoying the tropics of Okinawa in a resort of white sand beaches – celebrating love in Japan is amazing. We invite you on a journey through the island nation meant for lovers, a memorable time you’re sure to cherish.


Day 1 – Yokoso, and Welcome To Japan

Overnight in Tokyo City

After arriving in Japan, you will transfer by private or public transportation to your accommodation in Tokyo. There, you can look through your custom-made file that we’ve made for you and your journey of love, orienting yourself with the wonders that are ahead. Itinerary will be tailored according to your flight schedule.


Day 2, 3  – Glittering Tokyo Romance

Overnights in Tokyo

Your escapade in Japan will start with the wonderland that is Tokyo. Including Tokyo classics from ancient temples to the most modern of innovations in art, architecture, and technology, your Tokyo travels will be infused with romance as you dine at fine restaurants in the sky, enjoy a boat ride for two at Tokyo’s most popular park for lovers, a private guided tour of Tokyo’s fantastic night districts, and perhaps even a private helicopter ride giving you sweeping views of the glittering mega metropolis.

Day 4 – Volcanic Beauty

Overnight in Hakone

Leaving the metropolis for a break in the nature-filled landscape just outside the city’s borders, you will make your way to Hakone for a stay in one of the most high class and loveliest of traditional ryokan, staying in a room with a private onsen bath, and kaiseki dinner for two. Hakone offers beautiful strolls through its rolling volcanic landscape, breathtaking ropeway views, and an unforgettable view of Fuji when the weather is right.


Days 5 to 7 – Passionate Kyoto

Overnights in Kyoto

From Hakone you will make your way to Kyoto, the heart of Japanese tradition and where many stories of ancient romances took place. The days will take you to and through the historic capital and its most impressive sights, of course tailored to your interests, while weaving in special moments: a private, first class dinner, performance, and meeting with a Kyoto geisha will allow you into a world of tradition as you dine on delicious seasonal dishes, a couple’s cooking class where you can together make some of the tastes you’ve sampled so far, and picnic lunches in the season’s most scenic spots are just some of the unforgettable experiences we can weave into your travel tapestry.


Days 8 to 10 – Sunsets in Okinawa

Overnights in Taketomi
Leaving the mainland as a grand finale to your Japan adventure will give you the chance to experience a different sort of island nation culture while allowing you to soak up the sun and surf on the white sand beaches of Okinawa. We will take you to one of the island’s amazing resorts that boasts using traditional Okinawan influence in its design, allowing for instant immersion in the local flare. Okinawa, once a sovereign nation of its own, has its own language, delicacies, and cultural crafts. The contrast from the mainland, along with its relaxed atmosphere will provide a wonderful last few days to your romantic getaway.


Day 11 – Sayonara and May the Romance Continue

Itinerary will be tailored according to your flight schedule.

Today we say Sayonara to you from the land of the rising sun as you fly out from Taketomi Airport. We wish you a pleasant and safe journey! We are happy knowing that you are taking with you lasting memories of places and people you’ve encountered during your journey through this island nation. Farewell, and Sayonara.





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