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Papua New Guinea Uncovered

For the first time in RASK Travel history we are now able to send our select clientele to the undiscovered sub-tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea. 

Visitors to Papua New Guinea will feel like true pioneers as they experience the majestic volcanoes, the unspoiled crystal-clear island waters and mesmerizing Baining Fire Dancing ceremonies. Accessible via short-haul flights from Cairns, Papua New Guinea is the ultimate addition to a visit to Australia.

Day 1: Arrival to Rabaul

On arrival to Rabaul airport you will be greeted and transferred to your accommodation – the waterfront bungalows at Kokopo Beach Bungalows Resort on East New Britain Island.

The Kokopo Beach Bungalows Resort nestled on the Blanche Bay coastline enjoys panoramic views of New Ireland, the Duke of York Islands and the majestic volcanoes surrounding Rabaul Town.

Spend your first afternoon in Papua New Guinea acquainting yourself with your surroundings before being dazzled by the spectacular Bainings Fire Dance in the evening.

Day 2: Simpson’s Harbour Cruise

Cruise the picturesque Simpson’s harbour surrounded by volcanoes and then, should you wish, challenge yourself with the thrill of climbing one of the volcanoes with your guide.

Day 3: Duke of York Island

Your third day takes you to the thirteen Duke of York coral islands – famous for being the epicentre of the Battle of the Bismark Sea in World War Two. Go spearfishing or head deeper into the underwater paradise with a scuba dive among the marine life.

What these islands lack in size they make up in immaculate beauty and tranquillity. And after a day on the islands why not indulge in a pampering session at the spa?

Day 4: Dolphin Swim & Exploring Rabaoul

In the morning head out into the bay and experience an unforgettable swim with dolphins. Seeing these majestic aquatic mammals swimming in refreshing crystal-clear waters will amaze you.

Afterwards we will explore the town of Rabaul, soaked in history, culture and diversity. We will visit the Volcanic Observatory and the base of the volcano. We will see WW2 aircraft wrecks, barge tunnels and Admirals Yamamoto’s bunker. We explore The historic New Guinea Club laying amongst the ruins of the volcano town and experience the history of this beautiful area.

Take some time to wander through the local markets, venture out diving or enjoy some fishing in this oceania paradise.

A visit to Papua New Guinea is best combined with a trip to Australia

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Every visit to Papua New Guinea with RASK Travel includes a private guide who is a knowledgeable and passionate expert on the country, its history and wildlife. The guide will accompany you throughout your stay in Papua New Guinea.

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